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Call it Final (MPS)

When you feel you have a version of your story you are ready to call a final version, select it from your video history, below. The final version will show on your personal profile page that only you can see.  You can update your selection at any time.

Practice Your Story (MPS)

Keep telling your story to the camera.  Give it 4 or 5 tries. When you get to a version you feel is pretty strong, request a review from your Trusted Advisors.  Their feedback will help you refine and practice some more! Remember to try and get it down to 2-3 minutes.

Now Tell Your Story (MPS)

Now it is time to start telling your story verbally.  Start here by telling your story to yourself.  Below is a video recorder and your written story as you have it so far. Maximum record time is 4 minutes, but work to get this down to a as little as two or three minutes by retelling …

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